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Dental and Portrait Photography

Dental and Portrait Photography

By September 11, 2014May 23rd, 20229 Comments

You are welcome to ask questions below.

This category is for questions on equipment and techniques for both dental and portrait photography.

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Select questions will be posted here along with my answer.

Ed McLaren

Dr. McLaren is a Prosthodontist and Master Dental Ceramist. Dr. McLaren currently is the CEO of ArtOral America, which is a specialized high end private teaching institute based, in Park City Utah.


  • juank says:

    why black gloves for dental photos?

  • John Heimke says:

    Ed since RAW uses much space, How do you manage data storage of photos?? I have a Macbook Air
    All The Best

    • Ed McLaren says:

      Since Photos are taken in RAW, what is your recommendation for Data Storage? All the Best John

      Hi John,
      I download everything and convert to DNG (which you can do in the Bridge downloader). DNG is a universal RAW file type that any computer can read.
      I plug in 2 drives.
      I use a LACIE 2 TB external drive that I keep with me so I can keep the images off my main computer – but can plug the drive in with thunderbolt and get them fast.
      I plug in a 2nd desktop external storage 6TB and back up to that at the same time, i.e., it downloads to 2 places.
      I never keep the drives in the same place so if there is a fire or something I will always have one.
      I then go through the images real fast(both drives)‹ and trash the obvious bad and mediocre ones.


  • John Heimke says:

    Thanks Ed, Now in addition to your new Photo DVD which is great, I need you to do one on taking the photos from the camera to the Mac and walking through that Flow. I basically understand what you described above, Many Thanks John

    • Ed McLaren says:

      Hi John

      I can do that and put up for online pay for view- that would be way less expensive than making a DVD.

      But first when you say “Flow” do you mean 1- just how I get them in the computer and categorize them— or how do I do adjustments to them— like with a program like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop ??????????????


  • John Heimke says:

    Flow- How you get them in the computer and categorize them.
    I did get a Lacie Drive from the Apple store. Still working to get it set up. I’m still working on the photos on my Nikon 610, per your DVD, set up instructions. Learning curve but I am getting much better photos.
    Thanks John

    • Ed McLaren says:

      John, I am assuming you are asking about images. But I use the photo downloader that comes with bridge that is bundled free with Photoshop. Another option is Light Room but it is a program you have to buy, unless you are processing a lot of images it is not necessary.

      I categorize my images in Adobe Bridge, and create layer files just like a filling cabinet. I have a 2 TB Lacie drive they download to, and then I back them up to a 6TB Lacie Drive I keep in a separate place. So they are always in 2 places.


  • Ed McLaren says:

    The photos in your book “The Art of Passion” are gorgeous.
    I’d like to know how they are taken –
    Do you use a microscope to take them?
    Are these X rays that are Photoshopped?
    Very interesting technique.
    How can I learn more about it.
    Thank you,

    Shasha Hein published the technique in the 2012 issue of QDT.


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