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Anterior Veneer Preparations for Porcelain and Glass Ceramics

Professor Ed McLaren | DDS MDC


DVD Course
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Anterior Veneer Preparations for Porcelain and Glass Ceramics DVD (Clinical Series 1)

This DVD series will comprehensively cover the use of etchable ceramics both conventional porcelains and glass ceramics for anterior bondedrestorations for no-prep veneers, mini-prep veneers, standard preparation veneers, and full coverage veneers. In this 3 DVD series all clinical aspects from smile design, material selection, Bonded Mock-ups, preparations, temporization, and adhesive cementation will be covered in great detail.


  • The clinical decision making process for choosing ceramic materials for anterior bonded restorations
  • The step-by-step process of the different types of bonded and etched ceramic
  • preparations for Anterior a teeth based on the aesthetically driven desired outcome will be demonstrated and completed by the participants.
  • No-preparation clinical situations
  • “Mini-Prep” partial veneers
  • “Mini-Prep” full veneers
  • Standard Preparation Veneers
  • Full coverage veneers
  • Preparations to close diasthema’s
  • Incisal Edge preparation designs
  • Preparations based on final shade determinates
  • Temporization (prototype) techniques
  • Specific Techniques on how to control tooth reduction
  • Impression techniques

NOTE: Each DVD in this clinical series is a complete topic i.e. each can be viewed independently for specific knowledge on a aspect of anterior indirect adhesive dentistry.