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Workflow: Camera & monitor calibration

By October 26, 2014May 23rd, 2022One Comment

Question: Dear Dr. McLaren, congratulations on your new blog. I would like you to discuss workflow in reference to calibration of the camera with a custom white balance, the monitor of the dentist and the lab and the printer to have a colour accurate workflow. Thanks for your consideration
-Jeff Soloman

Answer: Use a camera that allows a customizable white balance using ³K² setting. I set mine to 5560 in my D800E, ideally images should be viewed on a similar monitor especially dealing with color interpretation, I would calibrate both the lab monitor and the one the dentist uses with the same calibration system, I use X-rite 1 display pro, you can get from B and H photo for 250$, I never use prints for interpreting color in dentistry, it is very difficult and not necessary.

Ed McLaren

Dr. McLaren is a Prosthodontist and Master Dental Ceramist. Dr. McLaren currently is the CEO of ArtOral America, which is a specialized high end private teaching institute based, in Park City Utah.

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